Few of the Kudos !!!!!!
  We have reviewed the layouts and have in general a very good impression of the work you have done. The consensus here is that this is a piece of work to be proud of!    
  Product Manager, Nera Satcom  
  Even beyond the technology and business acumen of the team we worked with,
we were captured by Supportian’s emphasis on company culture. They have an intense focus on people, who see potential instead of limitation. This, for us, translated into consistency, uninterrupted communication and understanding across the board, projects delivered on time, and ultimately, cost savings.  
  VP at Franklin Templeton Investments  
  The prime intent of V2 IT looking for a partner was to secure access to high quality resources at an attractive cost level. Through our partnership with Supportian we achieve a total cost level that is unmatched by local alternatives. Supportian has an extensive skill base of legacy as well as new technologies and an ability to attract competencies that are highly in demand. Together with Supportian's experience in offshore consulting, this implies a possibility to quickly execute projects with high demands on quality delivery.    
  Rolf Butterworth, Vice President, V2 Information Technology  
  Supportian provided excellent resource scheduling application
architecture and development expertise we needed. With Supportian, we get both high-end scheduling technology and critical project management skills at an affordable rate.
Supportian's screening model is excellent.  
  James Loundbaugh, Co-Founder & Senior Vice President, Knoll IT