Supportian Inc. is an international IT consulting company that delivers affordable business and technology solutions through global software development. Headquartered in Connecticut, the company's seasoned management team and employees skilled in technology, business analysis and project management approach technology initiatives in a business context. Supportian develops applications to help companies enhance their enterprise operations. The company also delivers product-development services and designs reusable building blocks for high-tech companies.

Quality Defined

Quality is value as perceived by the customer. Value relates to being on time defect free, cost, and meeting explicit as well as implicit needs of the client. We care for not just what we deliver to our clients but also how we deliver the end product or service. To address the "how" we enforce due diligence in our processes, systems, tools, and attitudes.

At Supportian, it will be our endeavor to continually share some of our learnings with the larger world. In that context, even the initial months that witnessed the birth of the concept to the launch of Supportian Consulting, constitutes a body of knowledge that we are happy to share with everyone.



Supportian specializes in Software development and Information Technology Consulting: Supportian together with its technology partners, is engaged in software development and is launching its first product “TimeAdmin” in the global market. Targeted at providing online appointment & scheduling solutions for mid to high industry segment. Another product based on RFID technology to support product flow in a Supply chain is under development.

Recently Supportian started its Information Technology Consulting division to better utilize the technical talent pool it has access to. Currently we are getting onboard high quality technology/services professionals selected thru intensive filtering process. We believe in working with the best breed of professionals and thereby forging healthy business partnerships.