Manufacturing : An Overview

The Manufacturing industry is gearing up to meet multiple challenges such as globalization, intense competition, highly demanding customers and ever increasing pressures on profitability. In this context, the expectations on demonstrable business value from IT investments have never been greater. PLM investments must result in reducing time to market for new products through better collaboration with customers and suppliers. Supply chain projects should drive down costs, while simultaneously improving response to customer demands. Customer Interaction Management initiatives should improve customer experience and satisfaction and enable manufacturers to gain a higher share of the customer’s wallet. And the list goes on.

The Manufacturing Practice at Supportian Consulting is committed to delivering business value to its customers. Our team of domain experts ensures that IT initiatives are tied to business imperatives through quantifiable metrics. Our approach is consultative and business led whereby we first understand the business challenges, define the goals, then identify and implement the appropriate technology solution. A typical Supportian project team combines business analysts with strong domain knowledge, technologists with deep manufacturing industry experience and a project manager who ensures that all resources are being fully leveraged to meet the business objectives of the customer. Where applicable a Program Office is established to oversee multiple tracks.

As shown in the figure below, our service offerings span the breadth of the manufacturing value chain.

Beyond implementing technology solutions, Supportian also advises CIOs and senior IT executives on how to create and ramp up offshore delivery centers (ODC). This is done through rigorous consulting engagements as well as through workshops called the CIO toolkit in which executives learn how an ODC can become an integral part of their organization’s business model.

We believe our biggest asset is the ability to create strong and lasting partnerships with our customers. A classic example is the Volvo Group. Our partnership began in 2001. Today hundreds of Supportian employees are adding value at almost all Volvo divisions world wide.